Your chimney – What you should know about proper maintenance

Your chimney – What you should know about proper maintenance

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Your chimney is going to allow for proper airflow and ventilation in the home. It helps remove toxins, eliminate smoke, and helps filter the air. However, if it’s not properly cleaned, and if it’s not serviced by a Red Deer chimney sweep on a routine basis, your chimney can cause damage or become a fire hazard, as opposed to performing the functions for which it was designed. So, when the time comes to hire a Red Deer chimney sweep, not only do you need to rely on a company that is licensed and certified, but also one that can answer all questions you have about proper maintenance, chimney inspections, cleaning, repair, and other potential issues which might be present.

How often should cleaning be performed? –
Proper chimney maintenance and cleaning will prevent smoke and soot buildup, and it will also lessen the potential for fire, or other threats. For wood burning chimneys, you are going to want them to be cleaned more often than an electric or gas chimney. Chimney inspections should be performed at least annually, when it comes to gas or electric. But, when it comes to wood burning chimneys, consider at least bi-annual inspections. You should also consider professional cleaning, to ensure optimal safety and clean airflow in the home.

How is cleaning performed –
Today, chimney sweeps use electric equipment, power vacs, and other heavy duty industrial equipment for cleaning. From the roof, rods are used to enter the chimney, clean the interior walls, and then remove soot and other debris with heavy duty powered brushes and vacuums. Depending on the amount of buildup and dust, the amount of power and type of equipment needed will vary.

Preparation for cleaning –
You might wonder if there are any preparations you should make when having your chimney professionally cleaned. In most cases, the chimney sweep will do all the heavy lifting and hard work. In some instances, though, you might be asked not to burn wood or use the chimney for at least 24 hours in advance of having the technicians visit the home for cleaning. Apart from this, there is little you are going to have to do as a customer. And, not only do companies have the high powered, heavy duty equipment needed, but they can also perform these services in far less time than it used to take in the past.

Although it is not something a homeowner thinks of regularly, the chimney is integral to airflow, cleanliness, and even to fire prevention. For this reason, it has to be properly maintained all year round. You do not have to do this work on your own, however. With many technicians and companies available, you can hire licensed and certified professionals to do the work for you. These are just a few of the basics one should be familiar with, when it comes to their chimney, and hiring the right people to do cleaning and regularly scheduled inspections.

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