Wood And The Kitchen

Wood And The Kitchen

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Wood is a great material for your interior design; it’s popular as a choice for window trim, flooring, and furniture. However, it is often neglected in the kitchen and the bathroom. These are rooms in the house that are most abused by rapid swings in temperature and humidity. When you turn on the oven or the shower, you can greatly increase the temperature in the entire room.

Furthermore, the kitchen and bathroom have the most spills and wet surfaces. Spills such as these have led many people to avoid using wood because wood does not respond well to being wet or very humid. It can shrink and expand in changing humidities. However, you should reconsider not using wood in the kitchen.

Wood in the Kitchen

Certified joiners in Kensington have developed some incredible techniques for making wood one of the best building materials for a kitchen remodel.

  • While wood is susceptible to warping and damage from moisture since it is porous, it can be rendered immune to this with quality coating.
  • Coating wood with a waterproof stain and finish will protect it from moisture in your kitchen.
  • The coat used by joiners should be several layers thick. There are undercoats and topcoats. There should be multiple coats of each type.
  • A good coat that gets into the pores of the wood will also protect it from humidity.

Wood Cleaning

The key to wood in the kitchen is the coating that seals the wood. If that is done properly, wood can be polished to a high shine. It will be just as waterproof as any synthetic material or metal. It can be cleaned just as easily.

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