Wicker Versus Seagrass: What’s Best for Your Sunroom

Wicker Versus Seagrass: What’s Best for Your Sunroom

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Sunrooms offer the opportunity to admire the outdoors while being indoors, sheltered from the elements. So it’s crucial to get the kind of sunroom furniture that will express an inviting atmosphere. Many prefer the exotic presence of wicker or seagrass to convey a warm and engaging setting, especially when the outside weather is cold and unfriendly.

 Dating back to ancient times, wicker comes from plant stocks and branches, but as a furniture, it is sturdy and light weight. It is woven and designed to heighten the dramatic effect of any living area. With its timeless style, rounded corners, and multicolored tones, it is comfortable, as well. When purchased, wicker is in its natural colored texture or peeled for painting or staining to match the preferred color palette, while combining the use of color coordinated wicker furniture cushions.

A newer trend seen in furniture commerce is the use of seagrass, which is quickly becoming one of the most popular. The furniture is constructed of long, strong stocks that are dried and twisted to make a rope, or woven, and laid against a durable frame. Seagrass furniture is aesthetically pleasing as it has a fresh appearance that will add elegance to any room. Woven seagrass has a clean, smooth surface that is non-absorbing and naturally glossy.

 Whether the preference is for the timelessness of wicker or the new, fresh look of seagrass, both styles of furniture are made of natural and enduring materials that have a glamorous appearance. Both styles are complementary for creating the comfortable environment, according to Wicker Paradise.

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