What’s the Reason Timber Windows are making a Comeback

What’s the Reason Timber Windows are making a Comeback

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As a number of you may already have seen, cool looking timber windows are definitely making something of a comeback lately in Great Britain and elsewhere overseas right now. An increasingly greater number of homeowners are wanting their homes to not only look a lot more beautiful, but also feel cosier inside also

After getting them fitted with their great looks, you will then understand why so many folk are choosing them over other duller looking sorts of materials.

Right, let’s have a little look at what else there is to these timber windows that is making a big difference in our neighbourhoods:

Matters of Parts and Materials

  • As people are discovering, even with the choice of newer materials available, timber windows are being more and more preferred.
  • Many have noted that it’s like a return to the past, although it’s a welcome return due to the wooden types of back yonder were nowhere at all near the high quality of today’s designs.
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Common Terms Regarding Timber Windows

  • A jamb is the wooden space that fits in between the window and the building.
  • The bottom of the jamb, is known as the sill.
  • The sill part which extends into the room is called a stool, though most of us know it as a “windowsill”.
  • The sash is the part of any window that is joined to the glass.
  • When a pane needs changing, the sash and the glass need removing.
  • The vertical parts of the sash are the stiles, and the horizontal ones the rails.
  • A double-hung timber window is made up of two sashes, the upper and lower.
  • The upper sash slides downwards to open, (although in nearly all cases, the lower sash will slide upwards to open).
  • The bottom rail of the upper sash and the top rail of the lower sash overlap when a window is shut.
  • The overlapping rails are called checks or meeting rails.

And when it comes to the Windows

  • A piece of glass is called a pane or light.
  • In the past, combinations of the panes were seen, such as the twelve-over-twelve style of two sashes of double-hung timber windows.
  • This beautiful alignment of the window panes is so aesthetically pleasing that they are also currently making a big comeback in people’s homes also.

Nature Friendly

  • Timber windows are earth-friendly and the wood has been ecologically planted, grown and then harvested.
  • When properly fitted and then looked after, timber sash windows will not allow for any more loss of heat than any vinyl or aluminium windows counterparts.

The return of good old fashioned timber windows clearly shows that you can’t keep a good thing from returning and especially when they’ve been solidly upgraded and very much improved!

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