What to Consider Before Installing a New Handrail

What to Consider Before Installing a New Handrail

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When you are working on a home improvement project and want to improve the aesthetics and price of your home, one of the areas you will want to consider focusing on is your staircase. Many homeowners live in houses that have more than one floor, but they don’t give a lot of thought to the appearance of the staircase and to the handrail in particular. This is unfortunate, as installing a great-looking handrail will allow you to access all areas of your home while still making your home look the best that it can.

Before You Buy

Before you go shopping for your new handrails, you will want to consider both the style and safety of what you are considering. Safety is incredibly important, as an open staircase can be very dangerous, especially if it is at all curved or angled. It’s common for accidents to occur on the stairs if there is not a handrail to hold on to, particularly if there are children or elderly people in the home.

The style of your handrail can reflect the appearance of your home and allow you to express some of your personality. Homeowners who appreciate the minimalist look in their home might prefer stainless rails, while someone looking for a rail for their farmhouse will want something wooden and more rustic.

Steps to Take

Once you have decided on the style and level of safety you need for your new handrail, you will be ready to start narrowing down your choices. It’s important to first measure the length of your stairs so you know how long your rail will need to be. You’ll also have to decide where you will install it. This is easy if you are replacing an existing rail, otherwise you’ll need to decide what wall it will be on and where you can insert the brackets and wiring, if necessary.

Cut the rail to the correct length and attach the brackets to the wall, making sure they are sturdy and installed on studs in the wall so that the rail will not accidentally get pulled off of the wall. Fix the rail in place with screws, making sure the rail is tightly installed when you are all finished. It’s a good idea to lightly tighten the screws until you are sure the rail is in the right place before going back and tightening them securely.

Installing a new rail on your staircase is a great way to freshen up a space, change the feel of your home, or even make it much safer. This is a project that will improve the value of your home for years to come. Working with a great company who provides quality supplies will ensure that your rail lasts for many years.

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