Tips For Keeping Your Tiles Clean

Tips For Keeping Your Tiles Clean

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If you thought that installing tiles instead of carpet in your home or office would be a great deal easier to keep clean then you may have realised that the regular process of actually keeping the grouting and the tiles clean can be more difficult than you initially thought. A number of simple cleaning tips and tricks can be applied when you want to keep your tile floor looking as clean and healthy as when it was first installed. Indeed, if you follow these simple tricks then you can make sure your tile floor is maintained to a high level of sanitation and aesthetics at all times.

Get a professional cleaner in

One of the simplest things you can do to maintain a clean and tidy floor with pristine grouting between the tiles is to call a company specialising in tile cleaning in Sydney which can clean the grouting as well as the tiles on your floor to a professional standard. Indeed, most people have several other things to do with their time while commercially available products generally do not do as good a job at cleaning as a professional company of cleaners. If you want to get the best results for your floor then you may need to hire a company which has professional knowledge of how to clean a tile floor, as well as using the latest cleaning equipment to get the best results.

Regularly clean your floors

Another thing people tend to forget about keeping a pristine floor is that you can do several easy things to make sure your floors remain clean especially sweeping and then mopping them on a regular basis. If you make sure your floors are regularly swept and cleaned of general dust you can prevent micro fibres from building up within the lines of grout. In addition, if you have a dedicated cleaner, you should make sure they always sweep the floor before using a wet mop to remove any of these micro fibres which may get trapped between the grouting and the tile.

Vacuum your tiles

This particular tip may sound contradictory as the best way to get rid of extra dirt, sand or dust on your floor but if you quickly run a vacuum cleaner over the floor it will remove the majority of the dust. This prevents a layer of micro fibres from forming on the grout.

Mop your floors

If you sweep then vacuum your floor before mopping you should leave a period of time between vacuuming and mopping. Furthermore, you should make sure that the tiles and grout do not contain any loose dirt because mopping your floors while there is still dust or dirt present can also cause a layer of filth to build up on the grout. If you mop without sweeping or vacuuming then you can create a dirty residue in between the grout which is hard to clean even with industrial-strength chemicals.

If you are looking to keep your tiles and grouting clean, then you should consider following these tips or instead, you can hire a company which will do a high quality professional job to make your floors look as good as the day they were installed.

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