Tips for Installing a Glass Balustrade in Perth

Tips for Installing a Glass Balustrade in Perth

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If you’re planning on installing a glass balustrade on your patio, balcony or staircase, you must first take some precautions to ensure the project goes as smoothly as possible. Glass balustrades are a welcome addition to any home, they are easy to maintain, reasonably priced, and once installed they add an air of sophistication. Here are some top tips you should consider before installing a glass balustrade.

Where will the balustrade be located?

The location of the structure is very important, as you must consider the size and design of the balustrade before you begin construction. The product must be ordered according to your unique specifications, so you should take some time to assess the area and request a kit which will fit your project. If you need to purchase a balustrade in WA, you must first contact them to see what products they have on offer. A reputable company will be able to deliver a fully equipped kit that can be installed in your home with ease, it should contain concise guidelines which will make the whole DIY experience easy.

Where can you purchase a balustrade kit?

If you are going to complete the project by yourself, you must ensure that you buy a balustrade kit from a recognised supplier, someone who is well established in the industry. You should preferably purchase the kit from a company who have their own workshop, this allows you to buy a custom-made product which will easily fit in your when you assemble the balustrade. Just be sure to provide the right specifications before you order the product, once you follow all the instructions you should have no issues completing the build.

Clean the Area Before Assembly

Like any project you encounter, it is important to clean the area before you begin. You should remove any objects which are old or disused, they will only obstruct the build and get in your way when you begin the installation. If you’ve an old balustrade unit in your home, take some time to fully clear it, remove the existing feature and ensure the area is free of any obstacles. If you have anything covering the floor, you should remove it, so you have access to this area.

Check the Base

The base of any feature is one of the most important parts, it is your foundation, so it must be solid, level and free from any debris. You should assess the area where you will install your balustrade, some places will be level, others will not. The base of your patio may be build on level ground, but your swimming pool may not offer the same symmetry. Each area will be different, so you must examine the base before you begin.

Installing your own glass balustrade is a challenging, yet satisfying DIY project. The tips mentioned above are designed to help your project run more smoothly, so you encounter less problems during construction. Always purchase a kit from a recognised supplier to guarantee you get a customised product.

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