Some Great Advice for Those Looking for Perfect Flooring for Their Home

Some Great Advice for Those Looking for Perfect Flooring for Their Home

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When you enter someone’s home, you will always first notice what the décor is and how if makes a home feel. And, unsurprisingly for most people, it’s the floor, which has the greatest effect on most people’s senses.

  • All depending on your current lifestyle, budget, and the number of people in the home, you can go on to choose the perfect floor.
  • This will indeed make your home a place to enjoy living in, and a place people will indeed remember visiting.

It matters not whether you are renovating or selecting new flooring for your current home, below is some simple advice which will help you to choose some cool flooring.

Type of Material

What you and your family do and how you use your home is the most important factor for choosing the ideal flooring. If you have heavy foot traffic, pets, children, forget about carpeting.

  • For heavy traffic homes, you should be looking at types of strong flooring, as in ceramic tiles, vinyl, or popular timber floors in Perth.
  • If there’s only minimal traffic, and you prefer a softer alternative, carpeting or large rugs on wood flooring may just do the job.

There are also a number of other choices for other types of flooring in between carpet and harder flooring.


Any kind of flooring which is situated at the entry to your home should have an eye catching aesthetic factor, but is able to withstand external elements.

  • If things such as rain, and mud are going to be experienced at your home’s entrance, think about using flooring, like slate, tile, or treated wood.

Bedroom flooring and/or children’s rooms should be made as comfortable as possible for bare feet.  Flooring in utility, laundry and bathrooms should be water proof.

  • Hardwood and laminate wood flooring should not be installed in high moisture rooms, due to the chance of warping and damage.


Flooring is in most cases, priced per square metre and comes in different ‘grades’ of quality. Synthetic carpet will be cheaper than say, Berber carpeting, which contains different sized tufts of pile. Naturally, the plusher and more durable a carpet, the more it is going to cost.

  • When choosing carpeting remember that you will also need to put an underlay beneath it. The underlay will it a lot more comfortable to walk on.
  • In the case of ceramic, slate, or marble, the tiles will normally cost more than carpeting.
  • Tile is low maintenance and only needs replacing, if it breaks.
  • Popular wood and laminate flooring are nowadays a lot more affordable than they were in the past.

Do Some Simple Research

It’s not difficult these days to find information on a whole range of different products which you may be interested in. Gone are the days of trudging around shop to shop to store looking at catalogues and the likes.

By easily going online, you can find exactly what you want and in your local area!

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