Keep Your Place Safe from Intruders by Cutting a New Key

Keep Your Place Safe from Intruders by Cutting a New Key

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If you have moved into a new place but want to play it safe, you may want to have a new key made and your lock rekeyed. This approach is cheaper than installing a new lock and also provides an added safeguard when it comes to security.

Locksmith Services

To have your lock rekeyed, you just need to find an affordable locksmith in Lewisham to do the job. He or she should also have experience in the following services:

  • Emergency lock repairs
  • Window repairs
  • Installing uPVC locks
  • Double-glazing repairs
  • Installing burglar alarms

Keep Your Costs Lower with Rekeying

When you choose a full-service locksmith, you can be assured that any key cutting or re-keying will be done properly. Rekeying a lock is cheaper than replacing a lock and also keeps you from paying for deadbolts or door handles.

Less Time and Expense

When you contact a reputable locksmith, the service can be done relatively fast. First, the technician removes the lock from the door, followed by the pins. The old pins are then replaced with new pins and the lock is reinstalled. The old key cannot be used to open the door after this process is complete. This method not only takes less time, it is also less expensive.

If you want to upgrade your security without worrying about replacing all of a door’s hardware, rekeying is a good solution. You can also take this measure if you are going through a divorce or someone has moved out of your flat. Make sure you are the sole owner of your key if these events happen to take place.


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