How to Make the Most of Your Garden with Decking

How to Make the Most of Your Garden with Decking

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Introducing decking to the garden is a very beneficial choice to make. Decking is ideal for a number of different reasons and can help to enhance your garden sufficiently. When it comes to introducing decking to your garden, it’s important to take a few things into consideration to ensure that you’re making the right decisions. There are a few specific elements to consider with decking, which we have pulled together to give you a clear guide on how to make the most of your garden with decking as a main feature.

Put a Plan in Place

Just like an architectural or landscaping ideas, you need to ensure you have a plan in place to work with. There’s nothing more confusing than trying to introduce a large area of decking to the garden with no set plan to work to. Decide what you want to use your decking for, which area of the garden will be best suited to the decking and how much you’re wanting to spend. Once you’ve devised a plan, you can begin to start working on your decking and creating a bold, luxurious area of the garden that will enable you to enjoy the summer months and make the most out of the space you have!

The Right Location

You often find that decked areas are positioned next to the house, with leading doors to keep the two areas connected. By having your decking designed to sit alongside your house, you can create an outdoor dining space that continues on from the kitchen, or simply open up your interiors to connect with the garden at the same time. For those wanting to create an area that is slightly more private, you may want to positon your decking at the top of the garden, surrounded by hedges or trees to keep the area covered. The main aim is to position your decking in an area of the garden that receives plenty of sunlight, as this will ensure you can enjoy your decked area throughout the day and hopefully on into the evening, with plenty of sunlight to keep you warm and comfortable!

Shape and Size

Deciding on the size of your decking is completely down to the space that you have available to you. There’s no point in adding a huge decked area to the garden if you only have a small area to work with, as this will make your garden seem much smaller and slightly cramped. Similarly, you may want to introduce a larger decked area if your garden is spacious and big, as this will keep a strong balance within the garden and provide you with plenty of space for a good old barbeque!

You then need to consider the shape of your decking. If your garden has awkward edges, you may want to look at creating a decked area that utilise the difficult area of the garden. Have your decking tailor made to fit the area of the garden and make the most of the space available.

Introduce Some Colour 

Once your decking has been positioned in an area that enables you to utilise the garden space you have available, you can look at adding bursts of colour to the area to add character to your garden and lift the atmosphere. The best way to add colour to your decking is through plants and flowers. You can introduce a selection of stunning colours through gorgeous plants such as lilies, hydrangeas, roses and so on. These beautiful additions will give your garden a bold, bright, aesthetically pleasing look that will make you want to spend every sunny day out there relaxing!

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