How to Get a Tree Professionally Removed From Your Garden

How to Get a Tree Professionally Removed From Your Garden

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In the majority of cases, the normal method of removing a tree will include somebody using a chainsaw, but there are other techniques which can be used to undertake this sometimes daunting job.

  • Many higher trees will have to use a cherry picker (AKA boom/bucket truck) in order to properly remove such a tree.
  • By being lifted high up into the air beside the tree, the tree care specialist can then begin working to remove the tree in sections.
  • By utilising this much safer technique, it removes the chance of cutting down a full-size tree onto any surrounding buildings or fences.
  • It is also possible to remove a tree by climbing up it and then lopping off the limbs one by one, whilst sitting/standing in the tree.

Today, professional tree surgeons in Perth, can provide specialist tree removal and tree pruning services at an affordable price.

More Difficult Jobs

If they arrive at any job to remove a tree, and find that a tree is massive and hanging over a building or a road, they will have to take special action.

  • A tree such as this can make for problems, because tree branches cannot just be cut down without damaging someone’s property or providing a hazard.

The method of removing this type of tree is by lowering down the cut branches via a rope. After securing a rope to a branch, it can then be safely cut and slowly guided down to the ground, and thus prevented from making any contact with buildings or traffic.


In many films you will often see big trees being chopped down with a cry of “Timber!” But that is hardly the case in the real world.

  • In most cases, trees are removed from the top down, and then what is left is usually cut down in sections or pulled over.
  • Firstly, any smaller limbs are cut from the larger ones and roped down to be loaded onto a truck.
  • The larger limbs, which are now free of the smaller ones, are then cut and sent tumbling to the ground and then also loaded to be taken away.

Final Stage

The last step in removing a tree is to cut down the trunk. In the majority of cases, trees are cut a number of times to get each section of the trunk down to the ground in a careful manner.

  • To clear away what’s left of the tree, workers will make sure that it can be moved onto a truck after falling to the ground.
  • Tree surgeons use a heavy vehicle(s), where the tree trunk is lifted in sections and then set onto the rear of a trailer to be taken away.

What is left of the tree is cut very near to ground level, and is either removed at a later date, or by tree specialists removing it by grinding it down with a stump grinding tool.

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