How Can a Security Screen Door Make My Home More Safe and Secure

How Can a Security Screen Door Make My Home More Safe and Secure

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Most people just wouldn’t normally equate security with a screen door as the most common one’s are indeed no deterrent to a would be intruder. And because of certain seasons of the year, screen doors open to the outside world are the only way to go.

And this is the reason why modern security screen doors in Bunbury, have now become so popular and in-demand. And think about that – You will still have all of the freedom of an open doorway, but you also have some assurance that you and your family will be much more secure.

Exactly how is a Screen Door Made More Secure?

Standard screen doors are indeed slightly flimsy affairs and made from either wood or aluminium. Wide sections of rustproof screen are fitted into basic grooves and made secure by way of a rubber gasket, meaning there’s not that much between you and the world outside.

  • Security screen doors are typically manufactured from one section of steel, with panels of bars or ornamental cut-away designs behind which the screening sits.
  • These kinds of doors are both rust and weatherproof as they indeed should be in such a setting.
  • Operating locks and deadbolts are hidden or recessed to put a stop to any kind of attempted tampering and are specially designed to stay firmly in the jamb.

Outer and Inner Aspects

Viewed from the outside, these kinds of screens are practically invisible, although the door does look solid. And on the inside you will be provided with all of the benefits of a standard screen, such as visibility and airflow.

For those householders who have an interest in doors which don’t make a huge security statement, nearly all manufacturers are able to provide a range of regular sizes and designs and a selection of customised designs and a wide range of durable colours.

The Advantages of Replacing Your Present Screen Door with One Which Provides a Lot More Security:

  • Protection against any intrusion attempts and from the elements.
  • Complete visibility over your property and the street.
  • Open air accessibility.

It goes without saying that no door is going to be effective unless it’s locked! Modern security screen doors, of course, don’t make use of only a hook and eye, but are fitted with the same top quality locking systems as you find on contemporary exterior doors.

You Can Easily Combine Security Screen Doors with a Home Security System

No matter how secure a screen door you purchase and have fitted it will not just by itself be a security system. This will naturally all depend on how much security it is that you need and there are various other means of security, such as motion sensors and lights which can further help to beef up security.

Remember, that screen doors remain the path of least resistance, and after having them fitted with security in mind, make sure to keep them always locked.

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