Hot Water is a Must, so keep it That Way

Hot Water is a Must, so keep it That Way

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The majority of machines will eventually break down and stop working and that goes for the humble water heater also. There are some parts which will with time, eventually wear out or stop the proper functioning of your water heater, resulting in what will seem like there’s no hot water in the home.

In which case, you will have to know what to look out for. See below:

For People with an Electrical Water Heater System

The electric type of hot water system will fail for various reasons and you can start by inspecting these areas and try dealing with the problem:

  • Reset Button Tripped – If this happens often, it’s time to get it replaced.
  • Wire Short – Any frayed or damaged wire can lead to a direct short. Replace quickly to prevent any possible fires.
  • Water Leakage – Try to tighten up the nuts, even though a leaky tank will probably mean that your water heater should be replaced.
  • Weak Fuse or Breaker – Replace with a new one that is rated for a higher amperage.
  • Grounded Element – A faulty heating element may have ground out – Get a new one.
  • Grounded Thermostat – An ineffective thermostat has shorted to ground – Replace.
  • Accidental Grounding – Look for something shorting on the wiring connections.
  • Breaker – All circuit breakers will fail with time – Simply replace.

And Others with a Gas Water Heater System

Gas systems have different problems to their electric counterparts, and if you need to consult with affordable specialists in gas boiler installation, to repair your system professionally, you should definitely do so.

If there’s no hot water, look for:

  • No Gas? – Is the gas on? Is the gas valve turned to “open”?
  • Pilot Light – If the pilot light is unlit but there’s still gas flowing, check:
  1. Thermocouple – if the tip of the thermocouple is working properly, it will be in the flame of the pilot light and solidly fixed to the gas line.
  2. Air in Line – Check the gas is flowing and try to reignite the pilot light to assist in helping to push out any air from the line.
  3. Clogged Up Pilot Opening – remove and clean to improve the water heater’s operation.
  4. Clogged, Bent or Defective Supply Line – Replace all lines today!
  5. Defective Gas Control Valve – This will stop any gas from entering the pilot or burner, and is irreparable, but is not costly, so just get a new one.
  6. Dirty or Blocked Burner – Soot may have built up on the main burner – Remove and clean.
  7. Ventilation – The flue might be blocked by an object(s). Flue cleaning is simple, but a little messy. Remember that a strong wind can blow out the flue, and pilot.

As you can easily see, many things may have happened, and this is exactly why it is important to keep your system maintained and have lovely hot water flowing the whole year round!

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