Don’t Try to Remove Asbestos Yourself

Don’t Try to Remove Asbestos Yourself

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Asbestos is a known carcinogen, which means that it is linked to higher incidences of cancer. Namely, it is very dangerous if inhaled. It can cause many kinds of lung illnesses beyond just cancer. However, it is also a very effective insulator. Therefore, it was used as insulation for decades before its use was discontinued. That means many older homes and offices have asbestos in the walls, in the ceilings, or even in the paint used in the home. If you have not had your home inspected, you need to have it checked for asbestos as soon as possible.

Have it Checked

You should not check your office or your home for asbestos yourself. You should always call trusted asbestos removal services in Reigate.

  • You should not try to remove asbestos yourself since you do not know what you’re looking for. Also, if you expose yourself to asbestos, you’ll be in danger of contracting a severe illness.
  • Professionals checking for your asbestos will be able to determine if the asbestos is actually a threat or not.
  • Asbestos is only dangerous when it is disturbed because it breaks into fibres that can be inhaled.

Professional Advice

Professionals might find asbestos in your home. The most reliable services can have it removed. Doing so can be costly and time consuming, though. Since the asbestos is only dangerous when separated into fragments and inhaled, you might not have to have it removed. In some cases, if the asbestos is out of the way, the professionals might paint over it or seal it in some other way.

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