4 Great Tips for Moving House

4 Great Tips for Moving House

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When it comes to moving house, many of us are faced with the sheer and overwhelming volume of stuff we have managed to accumulate over our lifetime. Trying to figure out how you’re going to get it all from A to B can be mindboggling, but with some clever packing tricks and the right equipment you can manage the impossible. Here are 4 great tips to help you when it comes to moving house.

  1. The Right Equipment

The first things you will need when you start packing are plenty of packing tape, some marker pens, bubble wrap or newspaper and an endless supply of cardboard boxes. Boxes can be a surprisingly expensive item to buy, so a great tip is to ask your local supermarket for some free boxes. They are usually more than happy to provide you with some flat packed boxes from their storeroom. You will also need to track down a removals company who have the right equipment and vehicles to move your larger items. If you’re seeking a Bondi removals team, make sure you go to them with a full list of any particularly heavy or oversized items so that they can recommend the best sized vehicles for your move.

  1. Plan, Plan, Plan

The most important advice for an organised move is to plan, plan and plan some more. By labelling your boxes clearly and packing essential items separately you can reduce the disarray that comes with moving house, as you will be able to unpack easily and access any items that you urgently need with ease. By letting your removals team know exactly where you want each box to be put, you can significantly reduce your own workload.

  1. Pack Sensibly

When it comes to packing, a little common sense goes a long way. Do not overload boxes, as this will only lead to breakages and mess. Always pack heavy items at the bottom to protect more delicate items on top. Utilise soft items such as sheets and blankets as protective packaging. This will not only save you from buying tons of bubble wrap, it will also maximise your packing space as every little gap will have been made use of. By packing one room at a time, you can ensure that your boxes are logical allowing for easier unpacking at the other end. Start with the rooms you least need, as this means you can start packing early without causing any major disruption to your everyday life. Label all of your boxes on the sides, as this will allow you to see what’s what even when it’s all stacked up in a moving van.

  1. Take the Opportunity to Declutter

Moving house provides a great opportunity to throw out all those items that you no longer need or use. By thinking ahead to visualise which items will fit in your new home and which items are best left behind, you can use the opportunity to get rid of unwanted furniture or belongings before you bother dragging them to your new house.

Moving house is no easy feat, but with the right planning and equipment and a little common sense, you can ensure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

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