What Are The Benefits Of Timber Framed Doors And Windows

What Are The Benefits Of Timber Framed Doors And Windows

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Although timber has been replaced by PVC as the most popular material for double glazing and door frames, there are many benefits to using a hardwood timber frame. Not only does it offer a warmer and more natural look which is especially well suited to use on homes, but it has a longer life, is considered better for the environment, and the flexibility that timber offers as a crafting material means that it can be used to create trims and details that are simply not possible with PVC or resin frames.

These benefits make timber a better choice for many installations, including new installations as well as for replacement and renovation jobs. Whether you are a buyer for a construction firm, looking for a premium finish; a homeowner who wants to add warmth to the interior and exterior of their property; or are renovating a property and want to replace existing sash or casement windows; timber frames are the ideal choice for your installation.

Longer Life

No homeowner wants to have to replace windows every 10 years or so, and while PVC windows may have a life of around 30 to 35 years in most instances, this isn’t always the case. Weather damage or physical damage can leave a window frame damaged beyond repair. With PVC, badly damaged sections cannot usually be replaced, and this means that the whole window will need to be ripped out and a new one fitted. Even with a 35 year lifespan, however, the 60 years that timber frames are expected to last still far outweighs the life of PVC. What’s more, a badly damaged sill or window section can be replaced if it is made from timber; no need to rip out the whole window.

Range Of Designs And Finishes

Wood is a relatively easy material to work with. It can be machined, it can be carved, and it can be finished using a variety of techniques. For the window and door buyer, this means that frames can be customised, or off-the-shelf versions can be bought in a large variety of different shapes, models, and finishes. PVC frames all tend to look very similar, whereas you can express your individuality or recreate the look that you want by using timber doors and windows.


PVC window manufacturers often claim that the low maintenance required of their products is one of the benefits of choosing this modern material. While it is true that PVC frames do not need painting, it is also true that they can’t be painted. After a few years of enduring changing seasons, frames can become tired and dirty looking. The inability to pain PVC means that there is little you can do about this wear and tear. Timber frames can be cleaned, stripped, and painted every couple of years, and this means that they look refreshed and as good as the day they were fitted. Small holes and small sections of damage can even be filled, before the painting, which will further bring them back to life.

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