Rain Screen Cladding: What it Is and Why You Need it for Your Home

Rain Screen Cladding: What it Is and Why You Need it for Your Home

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The original forms of rain screen cladding can be traced back to the Scandinavian region of Europe almost a century ago. Back then, this type of cladding was quite heavy, which is why builders would only affix it to structures that could support the extra load.

What Is Modern Rain Screen Cladding?

Rain screen cladding is basically a type of reinforcement for your property’s outermost walls, and it is applied to buildings to prevent dripping water saturation and the onslaught of wind induced water permeation.

Contemporary rain screen cladding provisions are extraordinarily lightweight, which means that they can befit virtually any kind of property, irrespective of its age or architectonic conformation.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Installing This New-Age Cladding?

Scheduling a rain screen fitting with your local roofers in Warwickshire is a decision that’s essentially worth a king’s ransom:

  • The cladding’s visage can be tailored to the natural appearance of your property
  • Not only will the structure look like new, the building will also experience a jump in terms of energy efficiency and thermal performance
  • Assured 100% deterrence to water penetration
  • Cladding systems can be methodically dismantled and reattached to grant access to the substructure

Moreover, the cladding fitting process comes with offsite fabrication, which means that your roofers can pre-assemble the materials ahead of time and, consequently, substantially diminish the hourly labour rates once they arrive for the installation.

To further moderate the project outlays, make sure that your contractor utilises a cherry picker, as opposed to sprawling scaffolding solutions. This type of resourcefulness will go a long way towards transforming the fitting into an easy one-day undertaking.



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