Electricity and Energy: Interesting Facts and Advice for Both Homeowners and Businesses

Electricity and Energy: Interesting Facts and Advice for Both Homeowners and Businesses

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Amazingly, the global population utilises somewhere between 13-17 trillion watts of power each and every minute, and this figure is expected to exceed 20 trillion watts sooner rather than later.

As such, our dependence on domestic electrical grids cannot be overstated or exaggerated, so let’s explore the beguiling landscape of contemporary electricity.

Interesting Info Concerning Energy Use

Over the past several years, the UK has boosted its production of energy from renewable resources by nearly 10%, and we now obtain nearly a third of our electricity from environmentally friendly sources, but here are some minutiae you might not have heard in the news:

  • If we were somehow able to capture the full power generated by the sun for just 60 minutes, the Earth would be set with energy for an entire year.
  • The amount of power utilised to conduct a dozen Internet searches could run a standard light bulb for an entire day.
  • An outmoded microwave wastes more electricity to run its clock interface than it does to warm up your meals.

Additionally, upgrading the fans, wiring solutions, and lighting features in your property to energy efficient models can cut your utility requirements by 30% or more.

Your Community’s Electrician Can Do It All

If you coordinate a survey with a technician that can deliver 24 hour electrical work in Wolverhampton, you’ll gain access to a full scope of services, ranging from the installation of electrical vehicle charging stations and smart home automation systems to comprehensive kitchen fittings, authorised testing checks, ventilation enhancements, and other complementary refurbishment options.

At the bare minimum, you’ll be able to gain a deeper understanding of your electrical usage and how to better police your behaviours, so be sure to invite an NICEIC-certified specialist into your property at least once per year.



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