Do You Need to Damp Proof Your Home

Do You Need to Damp Proof Your Home

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Damp proofing your home is necessary if you notice signs of rising damp. Rising damp insidiously makes an appearance on the walls in your living space. The only way to counteract the problem is to contact a professional damp proofing company.

Types of Damp

When damp proofing is suggested, the problem is first identified. Damp can take the form of rising damp, penetrating damp, or condensation. To find the type of damp, the location is assessed. Rising damp is revealed through tide marks on walls and also by cold, damp plaster. In some cases, residents notice the wallpaper peeling off their walls.

Surveying a Property

Penetrating damp is usually seen on the top part of a wall or the ceiling, which are places where the rain is seeping through the wall. Condensation is found behind large furnishings or on the sills or panes of windows. Therefore, professionals who provide reliable damp proofing in Buckhurst Hill must complete a survey of a property before a treatment is recommended and performed.

Preventative Maintenance

After the damp course is completed, a homeowner can do the following to prevent the formation of damp:

  • Maintain clean gutters
  • Make sure that the downspouts are in good repair
  • Clear drains and add grate covers
  • Keep vents clear of blockages
  • Keep the exterior rendering in good shape

By taking preventative measures and having a damp proof course applied, you can overcome any problems with moisture in your living space. Make an appointment today with a damp proofing company to review the services and treatments.

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