A Valuable Home Improvement Project: The Benefits of Upgrading Your Garage Door

A Valuable Home Improvement Project: The Benefits of Upgrading Your Garage Door

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If you’d like to improve your property’s kerb appeal and boost its intrinsic value without spending a fortune along the way, it’s in your best interests to install a modernised garage door.

A Desirable Return on Your Initial Investment

Irrespective of your home’s construct, décor theme, or age, you’ll be able to recoup anywhere from 75% to 90% of the material and labour expenses immediately following the installation, which means that if you spend €3,000 on a personalised garage door, your home’s market value will increase by at least €2,200 upon your next appraisal.

Customisable Options

If you partner with the best roller garage door supplier in Bordon, you’ll gain access to a robust selection of distinctive options to suit your penchants and preferences:

  • Side hinge doors with traditional joints on each side
  • Canopy doors with vertical side runners
  • Retractable doors with built-in springs and horizontal tracks
  • Sectional-style doors that provide substantial height clearance
  • Alternative models to account for any unique openings

The in-house experts will help you evaluate your driveway, garage dimensions, and other aspects to ensure the most appropriate installation as well as a flush fit.

Contemporary Inclusions

You’ll also have a chance to pick from a wide range of features and add-ons during the planning process:

  • Cost-effective automated models with remote-operated mechanisms
  • Durable weatherproofing implements
  • Custom-built insulation provisions
  • Vast array of veneers and materials including timber, steel, Glass Reinforced Polyester, and other prominent options

To put it plainly, you’ll be able to find the ideal garage door based on your budget and stylistic inclinations. Be sure to schedule an introductory consultation with a renowned fitter in your area sooner rather than later.


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