A Brief Overview of Building Timber

A Brief Overview of Building Timber

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Wood has been in use as building material for thousands of years. It was used as building material in practically every civilization that had access to an abundance of trees. The same is true now, even though many different types of materials have been invented for building homes and buildings. Why is that?

Timber is still in use because it is versatile, abundant, renewable, and still remains some of the most reliable materials in production. Some metals might be stronger or more pest-resistant, but they are very difficult to work with. Wood tends to insulate better than many synthetic materials. Also, wood is very affordable. The diversity of wood is a strength, but it can also make it difficult to know which kind of wood you should buy for your building project.


Cypress is a popular wood for structural timbers. A timber-framed building quite possibly will use cypress wood for its frame. Cypress is a slow-growing pine tree by the standards of a pine tree. It can still grow as much as a metre or more per year. The cypress is often used as structural timber in Brisbane for several reasons. One of the main reasons is because it is resistant to pests and disease. Pests are uniquely susceptible to the smell of wood; the aroma of wood is like the smell of food for pests such as termites. Cypress, for many reasons, contains oils that are generally undesirable to pests.

Furthermore, cypress can be used in its unseasoned form; that means it has not been dried. Such a feature will drive down the expense of the timber. Every production step you add is going to add expense to the product. If the wood has to be dried in a kiln, it will be more expensive. Cypress is used unseasoned; that also helps to keep it flexible. You want your building materials to be just the slightest bit flexible so that they will sway with the wind and will accept nails instead of cracking or breaking.

Sawn Hardwoods

There are several hardwoods that are popular for use as building timber as well. A hardwood is a wood that is grown from a tree that sheds its leaves, as opposed to an evergreen tree. Hardwoods are often harder than softwoods, but not necessarily. They also tend to be more dense. Such a feature makes them less susceptible to moisture damage or weathering. Sawn hardwoods are very popular for uses in decks, patio roofs, and other outdoor applications. A hardwood that has been optimised to minimise shrinkage as the wood dries will greatly reduce the amount of necessary prep work.

Finally, there are several treatments that can make other woods behave in ways that hardwoods and cypress behave naturally. They’ll just require a little bit more of your time.

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